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Carrara White Glossy Polished Floor Porcelain Marble Tile

Our Carrara White Sintered Stone is a high-quality material that imitates the texture of stone. It is available in a big slab size of 1200 x 2400mm with a thickness of 9mm, making it hard, acid-resistant, heat-insulated, wear-resistant, and antibacterial. The surface treatment is polished with a glossy luster, and the surface texture has unlimited continuous patterns. This product is perfect for floor, wall decoration, countertop, and basin applications. It can be used in various settings such as living rooms, hotels, villas, and bedrooms, as well as in projects such as wine cellars, swimming pools, and retail shops.
Our one-stop building materials solution includes onsite inspection after-sale service and standard packing wooden pallets. The minimum order is 10sqf with a warranty of more than 5 years.

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