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2PCS Stainless Steel Water Pipe Connector 1/2"3/4"1"Faucet Decorative Cover Heighten Valve Panel Shower Kitchen Tap Accessories

$8.45 $9

2PCS Stainless Steel Water Pipe Connector 1/2"3/4"1" Faucet Decorative Cover

It Heightens the effect of the Valve Panel Shower, Kitchen, Tap Accessories

stainless steel cover: shower faucet cover

shower faucet decorative cover: bathroom accessories

pipe cover: water pipe faucet decorative cover

kitchen faucet accessories: 4 points faucet Trim cover

faucet cover: stainless steel

faucet corner valve louse cover: drain pipe stainless steel decorative cover

decorative pipe pipe: plumbing pipe cover

Water Pipe Connector: Pipe Accessories

Type: Kitchen Faucet Accessories

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Faucet trim accessories

Kitchen Faucet Accessories Type: faucet cover

Home Improvement: Hardware

Heighten Fixed Valve Panel: Faucet Connector

Faucet trim accessories: Faucet Trim cover

Faucet decorative cover: water tap triangular valve faucet cover

Decorate cover: Kitchen Fixture

6 points faucet Trim cover: Decorative kitchen faucet

1/2"faucet decorative cover: 3/4" faucet decorative cover

1"Faucet Decorative Cover: Kitchen Tap Accessories

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