Have you ever entered a room and felt that the walls looked dull and uninspiring? While painting your walls with neutral colours such as white or blue may be practical, these colours can give your space a dull and unwelcoming appearance. Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue: wall finishes.

The term "Wall Finishing" is the final touch done to a wall to improve its appearance and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Wall Finishing ranges from decorative painting to expensive wallpaper to elaborate plastering. Wall Finishing serves not only decorative purposes; it also protects the wall's surface from water, corrosion, frost and other weather elements.

In this guide, we'll take you through a detailed process of choosing the proper wall finishing to make your home stand out. 


Wall Finishing can be used for your home's interior and exterior surfaces. Interior finishes are the final layer or coating applied to walls inside the house, mainly for decorative purposes. In contrast, exterior finishes are the outside covering or cladding that protects the structure of a building against the weather elements. These two finishes come in various types, they are: 


Concrete wall finishes are one of the most popular in interior design because of their ability to give your space a modern and industrial feel. A thin layer of concrete is applied to the wall surface and then polished or textured to create a unique visual concrete wall finish. 

Concrete Wall Finish has many design possibilities; its durability also makes it an ideal choice for most. Concrete Wall Finish can be easily maintained by cleaning the surface with a soft cloth and a mild cleaner. 


Textured Wall Finishing adds interest and depth to a room. Textured finishes are a practical choice for concealing imperfections on your walls, such as cracks or unevenness. Those minor flaws and blemishes will be less noticeable on a textured wall compared to a smooth one. 

Textured wall finishes can be achieved using various materials such as plaster, stucco, paint, or wallpaper. Textured Wall Finishing gives your room a dramatic look as they come in multiple patterns and styles, from swirls and scallops to straight lines and geometric shapes. Some even look and feel like natural materials such as stone or wood.


Wall cladding is a popular finishing that covers a building's exterior or interior walls with materials to improve their appearance, durability, and insulation. Cladding can be made from various wall finishing materials such as wood, stone, metal, brick, vinyl and other composite materials. 

Wall Cladding can also improve the energy efficiency of a building by providing additional insulation. It beautifies the building's exterior and protects it from external elements like rain, wind, and sunlight.


Wallpaper is a decorative material used to cover and beautify the appearance of walls. It can be made of paper or vinyl and comes in various patterns, designs, colours, and textures. Wallpaper adds character to a living room design, whether a bold, colourful pattern or a subtle, textured design.

Wallpaper can also be a focal point in your room or add colour to an otherwise bland-looking space. It is one of the most popular choices as it is easy to install and can be an excellent option for a DIY project.


3D Wall Panels are a popular interior design choice. The 3D panels add extra depth and dimension to your space, creating many opportunities to personalize your interior. 3D wall panels also camouflage imperfections on the surface of your wall.  

Designed to eliminate the need for applying paint on your walls, 3D wall panels give a consistent appearance and reduce construction costs. The decorative panels are made in various textures, designs, and patterns carved into their surfaces and finishes to meet varying customer needs. 

With 3D Wall Finishing, you can choose a personalized design, such as a family portrait or a special moment painted on your walls.


While there are different kinds of wall Finishing to use in your home, picking one best suited to your space and needs might be challenging. To help you make a well-informed choice, we've put together the following tips; 

The Style of your Space: Ensure you choose a wall finish that complements the style and function of your room, such as using a durable finish for high-traffic areas. 

Budget: Wallpapers are an excellent choice for a stylish, budget-friendly wall finish. They come in various prints, patterns and styles that can blend into any style of home interiors and complement the overall aesthetics of your space.

Maintenance and Durability: Consider the maintenance level of the wall finishing before choosing it. Also, stock up on durable finishes; quality should be your primary consideration. 

Consult with a Professional: Seek the advice of a professional if you are still deciding which wall finish to choose, as they can offer insight and expertise. Luckily, you can reach out to our team at ayceemarket.com for consultation.

Kids-friendly: If you have kids, a good idea would be to have a smooth wall surface and use wallpaper for frequently used rooms.


A perfect wall finish can give your home a million-dollar look. All you need to do is, pick the type of wall finish that matches your taste, budget and requirements. By following the aforementioned guidelines, you definitely won't go wrong.

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