5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Hire an Interior Décor Consultant

Decorating a home can be a resource-intensive and time-consuming endeavour. It requires a lot of strategic planning, budget mapping and attention to detail, in addition to acquiring some basic interior design knowledge. For the average home owner, interior decoration may turn out to be an exhausting and expensive affair without having the right assistance. 

Interior décor consultants are fountains of knowledge when it comes to interior décor, and Aycee Market has some of the best in the business. Interior décor consultants make the process of decorating a home much simpler and more cost-effective. Not only do they provide valuable expertise, but they also have valuable contacts of industry professionals and retailers. 


You would think that hiring one of our consultants would be the best option for anyone looking to decorate a home. However, some individuals don’t need to hire interior decorators at all, and we’ll be looking at a few reasons why.   


You don’t need an interior décor consultant if…

  • You enjoy being overwhelmed

 If you enjoy the stress of having to choose from a wide variety of furniture pieces, select paint colours in different shades and shop for every little piece of interior décor by yourself, then you certainly don’t need to hire an interior décor consultant. Interior décor consultants do a thorough job of bringing a person’s dream home to life. They inspect the proposed space, create drawings and models of potential designs, plan the layout and come up with suggestions to suit the desired aesthetic. They can also recommend retailers and even carry out the shopping themselves.

But if you don’t mind running all the errands and planning everything all by yourself, that’s great! But if you wouldn’t mind having an expert who already knows the ins and outs of interior decoration, don’t try to be a superhero. 

  • You don’t want to save money

Over the course of their careers, interior décor consultants have garnered valuable information on the best places to shop and even built relationships with contractors, retailers and other service providers in the industry. These resources help them to get the best bargains for their clients, helping them get the best value for the least money. But if you don’t want to get good deals on furniture and interior décor services, then you definitely shouldn’t hire an interior décor consultant. If you like to spend above your budget instead of shopping with affordable retailers, it would be best to avoid hiring a professional at all costs. Literally.


  • You don’t want your home to have a defined style

 Interior décor consultants can help clients discover their personal interior design style and translate that into a beautiful home. Their experienced touch also brings that “wow factor” to any space. They also offer practical advice on how to harmonize various elements of décor, from colours to furniture styles to lighting. But…if you want your home to have a lacklustre feel that doesn’t reflect your true personality, then you shouldn’t hire a consultant. If you believe don’t need that expertise or assistance, we congratulate you for being skilled enough to do it all on your own.

  • You don’t want unique ideas

Interior décor consultants come with not only helpful advice but also a wealth of unique and clever ideas on how to decorate and enhance your interior. When trying to come up with smart ways to properly utilize a space, their professional insight often proves invaluable and can mean the difference between a poorly designed space and one with a stunning layout. If you don’t want smart suggestions and would like to rough it on your own, an interior décor consultant would be of no benefit. 

  • You don’t want valuable contacts and resources

Due to their experience, interior décor consultants have amassed useful resources like floor plan and layout tools. They also have access to industry professionals such as architects, suppliers and construction experts. Hiring an interior décor consultant provides you with a fountain of information and saves you the stress of having to search for resources and service providers yourself. 


If you fall into any of the categories above, we hope that we’ve spared you the trouble of having to find an interior décor consultant. Now you can go ahead and undertake the process yourself from start to finish. Happy decorating!

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